Saturday, November 26, 2005

Sharia in Oakland?

When I saw the video clip of the attack on the Oakland liquor store, the newscaster said they were well dressed vandals. My first thought was "That is the Nation of Islam!" I have yet to see any report in the mainstream media making any connection to the NOI. In fact, I have yet to see any mention of the race of the perpetrators. Bloggers have been all over this story, pointing out the NOI connection. Chalk up another one for the blogosphere.

The video clip is horrifying. The attackers don't care that they are being filmed. They are organized and disciplined. The attack is well coordinated and designed to maximise property damage without harming the shop owner. It seems like they just wanted to keep him out of the way while they did their damage. Apparently they accuse him of "selling poison in their neighborhood" before the rampage begins. How long before they begin killing these shop owners? Sharia has come to Oakland, and soon to a neighborhood near you. I think it is time to start pushing back.


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