Saturday, October 29, 2005

Bob Dylan - Pathway to the Stars

Pathway to the Stars is a two disc compilation of live tracks from the 2000 tour that I picked up on Dimeadozen. Sound quality is at least a B+ throughout the comp, but the performances are all A+, and the band is top notch.

The tracks are drawn from throughout his career, ranging from Hattie Carroll to Not Dark Yet, with some rarities like This Wheel's on Fire. There is a killer version of Desolation Row. The arrangements are completely different from the recorded versions. Usually I have to hear the lyrics before I know what song is being played.

As he has aged, Dylan's voice has taken on the timbre of his hero, Blind Willie McTell, though I am sure he would reject the comparison. As a result, the old songs take on a gravitas that was only implied before. The newer songs just sound fucking great. Right now, I'm listening to "trying to Get to Heaven Before they Close the Door." It makes me want to pray for his soul and mine.


Anonymous Steven Hart said...

Actually, Blind Willie McTell's voice was a lot higher than Dylan's.

6:05 PM  

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